Lenguage policy

The teaching lenguaje is Spanish. We recomend applicants have al least a basic knoledge of the Spanish lenguaje, mainly for the theoretical subjets.


EAFAC does not provide accommodation in Madrid, but we can try to help you in your search. You can find information in the following websites:




How do obtain the Student Card?

Advanced Vocational Training Programs (AVTP) students:

You will receive your student ID card when you start studying at the EAFAC. When your enrolment has been fully completed and all obligations met, your will be issued a student ID card. This card will serve as your official identification for EAFAC during your entire study period with us.

The student card also serves as a library card at the EAFAC.


-Free admission to the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (MNCARS)

What about Health Care?

EU citizens will need the European Health Insurance Card or private insurance coverage. Before coming to Spain, you must first complete and submit a European Insurance Card application at the Social Security office in your country. Be sure to bring the card on your trip to Spain.

In case you have a private insurance plan, you must follow requirements specified by your particular service provider.

Dental care: Spanish Social Security Service does not cover dental work. However, in case of emergency, you should follow regular procedure and access the medical emergency service or dial 112. There is a list of private dentists in Madrid business directory (www.paginasamarillas.es).

Non-EU citizens will need a private insurance policy in Spain. You may have to submit copies of these documents to the Embassy for your student visa application, as well as to the EAFAC.

Please keep your insurance documents, including insurance company contact details, as well as medical identification cards on you at all times in case of health problems.

All medical centers are clearly marked with a red cross on any tourist map. Check for locations nearest your accommodations.

What are the most usefull phones in Madrid?

  • 1-Official Approval of Foreign Degrees and DiplomasTo apply for official approval of a foreign degree or diploma (Secondary Education, Vocational Studies, Diploma, Degree or PhD)

General Subdepartment of Degrees, Validations and Official Approvals
.   Education Ministry

C/Paseo del Prado, 28
. Madrid
 28014.   Telephone: 91 506 56 00

  • 2-Madrid City Council: 010
  • 3-Emergencies: 112