Erasmus Charter

About the School

Francisco Alcántara’s School of Arts  (EAFAC) is a public institution with more than 100 years of experience in ceramic teaching.

Our School includes a large number of specialised teaching professionals and it is equipped with spacious studios, endowed with the required technology for learning how to design and create ceramic objects.

Divided in different specialized courses for different ceramic techniques (Pottery, Ceramic´s Decoration, Artistic Ceramic and Modelling and Model making), the students complete their learning with a final project that will show the skills acquired during their training.

Their learning formation ends with internships in different companies, where the student can be in touch with the labour market.

The School is located in a exceptional landscape. It is surrounded by a wide park (Parque del Oeste) and the new Green Rail Passage Garden.  Nowadays, it still keeps in its vicinity the building and kiln of the ancient La Moncloa´s factory. The classrooms and studios located in an historic building with a wonderful garden.


Erasmus Charter